July 23, 2009

Money, is it necessary? Tale of Developer

What do you think about this one?
Do you believe that money is the least to worry about, or maybe you are the kind of person who think money is everything, when you are actually planning to develop a game (MMORPG)?

Hopefully this article will open your eyes for what you are facing, or perhaps give some insight about what the developers are going through.

Don't take my words for it, you better listen to all the experts about this one...
(You still have to listen to me in the end though :P)

Developer (Indonesia)
"For a casual game like what we usually deal with, which takes 6 to 8 months top, with only 4 people involved, we can break it down like this. Let's say we only pay the littlest amount of salary (for 6 months): 2 mil x 4 people x 6 months = 48 mil. Now for the PC, let's say we only use the average PC with only 4 mil of price: 4 mil x 4 people = 16 mil. Operational costs, like electricity, building and such, let's say 2 mil for building and 1 mil for electricity: 3 mil x 6 months = 18 mil.

Now the software, for genuine windows: 1.3 mil x 4 people = 5 mil more or less.
For IDE maybe you prefer the free kind (Open Source) we personally use a free version of Video Studio Express.
Now for art, we use Adobe Photoshop, let's say we hire 2 artists which means 2 adobe photoshop licenses: 6.5 mil x 2 artists = 13 mil.

All that will add up to 100 mil more or less for 1 casual product with only 4 people involved, (with what we can say an unrealistic calculation, 2 mil for each developer is a very rare case).

If you actually want to create a persistent world (MMORPG) it might cost you as much as 500 mil or even more than 1 bil."

The reality is, that is exactly what developers have to face when they actually trying to create a persistent world. Another developer add a little to those statement which I quoted, about the operational cost, "I just want to add a little bit more info about the Overhead Cost. The Overhead Costs consist of a bunch of things starting with electricity, internet, phone bill, water, stationary, battery, paper, ink and a lot more. I personally prefer 80% salary + 20% overhead cost system, this will make sure the comfort for all workers while at the same time get the job done."

Developer (San Fransisco Conference)
"Tons of Content: 10000 quests (20 people working, 2080 work hours/year, 1 quest every 4 hours), 10000 items (10 people working, 2080 work hours/year, 1 item every 2 hours), 50 "unique" areas (10 people working, 2080 work hours/year, 1 area every 416 hours). That gives us 40 person content team and it's tight! cost of 40 person content team/year: approx $400,000/mo x 12 = $4,800,000/year (15 mil for 3 years).

Product and Service: Billing can cost anywhere from $400 to $400,000, billing represents 2.5% - 7% of your revenue.

Customer Service $300,000/mo + ramp up cost
(Big MMO require a lot of Customer Service Representatives, about 1 rep/3,000 people and that doesn't scale linearly)

Technical Support $150,000/mo + ramp up cost.
(Trouble Ticket system can cost $5,000 - $50,000 + monthly fees)"

Well there you have it people, the numbers you will have to deal with when you are trying to create a good MMORPG. As for me, currently I spent most of my money for my training, courses and seminar in programming, game business and web development lol, all to prepare myself for the big dream. So what do you think? Is money necessary? You are the only one who has the answer.

But judging from the above quotes, I think it is save to say that Money really is IMPORTANT!

Good Luck Everyone... Never give up your dream, you will find a way.

Business and Money


July 11, 2009

RF Online, is it Over? An Unexpected Happening

Rising Force OnlineWould you all agree with me, that this game is actually a pretty damn good one? Because it really is, trust me. "RF online, a great game with lack of attention" I think that statement is right on the money. What really happened though? What's the reason behind it all?

When you see RF (Short for Rising Force), you will see great graphic, great gameplay, great set of equipments, great war (endless actually), everything pretty much revolves around greatness but for some reason all that greatness just aren't enough. Can't say I'm surprised though, I used to be one of the hardcore worshiper of RF but something drove me away from it. I was actually a level 50 Corites, (templar knight) and I spent a lot of my time (and money T_T) playing this game. I even played from the beginning, since it reached my country and to be honest I was entertained by it. Not just me, a lot of people were very enthusiastic to play the game when it first arrived. But now, well yes, the game is still around and yes the updates are still coming, but also yes that the issues are growing larger and larger, in other words HUGE player turnover. Don't you think something is going on too?


The Full title is Rising Force, known as RF Online
Its genre is Sci-Fantasy (mixture of Science Fiction and Fantasy)

CCR is the developer, a Korean Gaming Industry.
The first version of the game was released in South Korea later followed by Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Brazilian and English translations. Launched its retail phase in North America/Europe on the 21st February of 2006 hosted by Codemasters and ended its license with CCR on 10th November of 2008. It is believed that Codemasters and CCR was unsuccessful in terms of reaching an agreement, there by ended the contract. It was later found that the agreement was for Codemasters to not just Host the game but also have the right to actually run and modify it, this was brought to the table because Codemasters felt that CCR was moving too slow thus created a bunch of unressolved issues within the system. But it seems CCR had other Plans in hand. by the 18th January of 2009, CCR relaunched the game for EU/US server, and it's still going until now.

When it first came out the game was a pay to play but now it's officially free to play nation wide.

Now RF is actually about to launch its newest update, The War: Bellato Strikes Back. This Patch will strike the EU/US market in 16th July of 2009, while Indonesian market is recently still having a taste on the Legend of Elven Patch only to find out, that the Legend of Elven Patch also include The War: Bellato Stikes Back Patch where character max level has been increased to 65. I also found that there are a lot of different patch names. The whole patch thing is pretty confusing haha, let's not think about it too much.

The setting is a distant future in a planet located in Novus System, where magic exists alongside high technology. There are 3 races to choose from (Cora, Bellato and Accretia). Each race has unique skills and equipments.

The overall features includes, race battle (Chip War), variety of classes, cross classes, political system, economical system, gigantic PvP system, raids (Pit bosses), guilds, instance dungeons, guild battle (soon) and sport system.

Source: www.wikipedia.com

Instead of the usual Future section, I'm going to do a View section. It's almost similar to Future Section, but instead of just focusing on the game's future, I'm also going to convey the overall view of the people from all over and create a conclusion based on it. Plus, starting from now this View section will replace the Future section.

Now, back to topic, from what I've gathered across the web, I've managed to find a bunch of information involving RF issues. It really seems that RF is fading away, there are too many issues to deal with. Here are the 5 possibilities of why RF is moving downhill, just for you:

Possibility 1, it is possible that people don't like to be forced into PvP mode all the time. RF is basically a PvP based MMORPG. Some gamers prefer to succeed in a game without having to worry about PvP at all times.

Possibility 2, it is possible that people just don't really like the overall system implemented on the game. Maybe because the system is too brand new, and some people can't get used to it. Some of them even think that the system is already imbalanced from the start.

Possibility 3, it is possible that people believe that they are getting ripped off by the game, even though it's free! You spend too much time to level and yet you only get a little from it.

Possibility 4, it is possible that people believe that the game is just too generic and boring! What they meant was, slow paced travel around the world; little variety in items, classes, quests and enemies; and Bland environment, not much to look at.

Possibility 5, it is possible that people are sick with cheaters in the game. They are the real source of imbalance. They ruin the economy and the overall system in long terms. People are starting to lose hope about this.

It's true that RF is truly an amazing game, but these issues have got to go, that is if RF ever wants to recover. But the sad truth is, looking at the current condition I believe that RF will not be able to move up the MMORPG rank ladder no matter how much little changes they put onto it, that is unless they make some BIG changes. Like Complete Visual Make Over, Several changes on the System or maybe some Big Marketing event or even something Bigger, I'm afraid without those, RF will only stay the way it is right now for a long period of time and dissappear completely in the distant future. C'mon RF team, you still got a chance to move up, I suggest you take it, FAST! Still the choices are completely in your hands CCR.

I created this article in the hope that this can be useful for CCR's effort of development plus to point out how people truly feel about RF. Thank you, may CCR move forward.

For you guys who interested to try out the game, visit these sites:
-For Indonesian Version
-For US/EU Version

All free...

Accretia Soldier


July 07, 2009

WoW! Another Spectacular Achievement!

World of Warcraftyou know what! I'm truly impressed with this one.
World of Warcraft (WoW), our guinness world record holder for Most Popular MMORPG is currently at the top! Wow is right! (Figures)

Did you know that WOW had actually reached 11 MILLION subscribers?!
Imagine that... 11 million people playing one game.
How can anyone not be impressed?!

WoW has been around for quite some time now yet still not giving any signs of diminish in our vast world of MMORPG. To add to that fact, did you also know that people from around the world are actually waiting for what they call a "WoW killer". It's yet another proof of how strong a MMORPG WoW has become now. And no... just like Aion, knowing all that great facts I never touched this game ever in my entire life. It's quite normal though, WoW never reached Indonesian Market even until now (at least the official one). But as you know... I still got plenty to say about it. (This is the part where you feel relieved) :)

The full title is World of Warcraft but people prefer to call it WoW
Its genre is non other than Fantasy

It is developed by Blizzard, yet another trusted video game developer just like NCsoft. Blizzard announced the game in September 2001, and first released it in 23rd November of 2004. The 3D engine they use is the same 3D engine as Warcraft III the game of Tactic which also created by Blizzard. The game is designed to be highly compatible with a lot of platforms, especially Macintosh and Windows. For its market, I think it's pretty clear WoW has actually managed to create its own market.

it has PvP server, Optional Quest/mission system, 3D visual graphics, Wide Variety of Race, Classes, awesome music and talent system.

Source: www.wikipedia.com

What more can I say about this giant?
It's incredible, honestly. To add to that it keeps growing, just a few moments from now the new patch will be released with its title Isle of Conquest, they're planning to implement a new EXP generating PvP system. And Isle of Conquest is supposed to be a new somewhat amazing battle ground with a complete battle intruments and locations.

What will happen next though? That's the important question right?
Let me say this... I believe deeply in my heart (lol) WoW will be able to keep its throne as the top MMORPG for a long time (one year or so) but later it will be hard to stay on top unless WoW keeps on updating and adding new incredible features. But even with all that, the chances are still pretty slim. Don't underestimate the power of new released games haha. They are just big balls of mystery which we don't dare to leave alone, especially those with great publicity (Perfect Combination!).

Passed its first expansion The Burning Crusade, WoW has entered its second expansion now Wrath of the Lich King and everything is going great as you can see for yourself. Don't forget to check its website if you are interested to play and stuff. It's not free though...
All I can say is Keep on fighting WoW, don't let your guard down.
What do you guys think?

Lich King


July 02, 2009

AION, the Uncertain Future

Aion TowerHail to thee an amazing MMORPG made by the hand of GOD himself!!

(Went a little too far there huh? Ahh never mind)

But it's true though, Aion is a pretty great game everyone have said so, and they meant it :)
perhaps not made by the GOD but still... Pretty close :P

The full title is Aion: The Tower of Eternity
and its genre is Fantasy

Developed by NCsoft
Which started in 2006 Software Design Studio, South Korea.
Closed beta test was held in Korea by 2007 and followed with an Open beta by November 2008.
Then it went straight to China with Closed beta held in December 2008 and open beta by April 2009.
Soon will continue its journey to the western market by the fourth quarter of 2009.
And trust me, that particular market is restless right about now.

You name it and Aion pretty much got it!
Flight mode, Flight battle, Amazing graphics (with an award for that), Skill chains/combo, Castle take over, raids, professions, and a great set of powerful classes.
What more can you ask!?
Well of course a lot more! If a game wants to be successful just those won't cut it. Constant growth is key :)
But gotta admit it, Aion rocks.

Source: www.wikipedia.com

(this is the section where I can predict the game's future and convey my thoughts.)
Let's see... Aion Online... hmm...
Okay first of all, with all due respect I think Aion online is an amazing new addition to the MMORPG world. All its features leaves 1 word in my mind, Awesome!
But to be honest, considering everything else (including all the non released MMORPG which will definitely rise as competitors) I still think Aion is "generic".
So about the future I'm not quite sure how Aion will turn out, everything is quite possible at this point.
I haven't actually got the chance to play Aion for myself, but I have been following its development since the beginning, so I believe I know what I'm talking about.
1 thing for sure though, if Aion managed to shock us in the future with some new incredible feature, with no doubt Aion will reach the top. So to Aion developer out there, keep up the good work and keep on working! You are doing quite well at the moment :)
For you guys who wanted to try Aion online, you guys can simply visit www.aionpros.com and find an English patch for it.
You need to register and pick a server from their forum, download everything and there you go :)

Aion Angel Devas


What is an MMORPG? Can we eat it?

Okay if you really are asking that question, I believe you really need to read further down.

"Eky, What is an MMORPG? Can we eat it?"

Of course you can't eat it silly, it's not food. In fact it is Far from food, depending on the way you see it though... ;P
MMORPG is short for Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game
Massively - Really Huge Mass of Crowd
Multiplayer - More than 1 player
Online - Using internet
Role - Play as a character
Playing - Having fun with something
Game - do I really need to explain? I do, don't I? -Sigh-
well. game is an activity that can be done alone or as a group involving rules to challange your skills and/or chance and/or endurance in the objective of amusement or to win something.

Now from these definitions we can clearly summarize MMORPG as a fun online activity that is done massively involving rules to challange your skills, chance, and endurance to gain amusement while playing as a character in a virtual world.

It sounds quite fun isn't it?
In fact it is! (It's in the definition)
"But why is it so, Eky? Why is it so much fun to do?"

It's pretty simple actually.
Research has shown that people enjoy MMORPG so much because you can actually do several things at once, (you can chat, fight, solve mysteries, make new friends, meet up with your pals, lead a group of people, help others and much more! and you know what? it all can be done in the safety of your own room.) but there is yet another reason why MMORPG is so alluring.
When you play MMORPG you play for a reason, that reason could be wealth, power/authority, popularity, pretty much anything. In MMORPG you play with other people with reasons similar or perhaps even dissimilar to an extend that is opposite from you.
And that is exactly why it's so much fun. Everyone has their own reason but everyone play the same game with you. That variation of mixed goals creates an interesting "spice" which makes an MMORPG so much fun to play and so different than the rest. It's like a whole new world in there where you can actually build your own dream and do whatever you want!

If you're interested in learning more about those surveys and even more about MMORPG, or perhaps you are still unsure, you should really check this out! It will totally open your eyes. Nick (the website developer) will definitely teach you a thing or two about MMORPG, he's pretty much an expert.

"But is it bad for us?"

It really depends on the player.
If you play 20 hours a day and you are currently working as a manager in some big food company, I think you are just asking for it.
If you play for 1-2 hours a day, now that's what I believe to be the right portion for playing MMORPG.
Use common sense people...
although the fact is, the time that people spend to play MMORPG is actually the time that they usually spend to watch television (mostly).
A hobby is a hobby right?

So remember, always have enough rest and prioritize

"Eky, why are you so smart?"

Uhhh... I am huh? (duh!)
well I think that's because I love to read, especially website articles
If you read a lot too, believe me someday you will be as smart as me
Haha later people


Please Vote

The Poll is up guys,
I need your vote on this one.

As you all may know, my Grand project is to create a 3D Sci-Fi Fantasy genre MMORPG.
I really need to hear your thoughts about it.
As for what kind of game will a 3D Sci-Fi Fantasy genre MMORPG be like,
think of RF online combined with Final Fantasy...
a 3D Sci-Fi Fantasy genre MMORPG is exactly what you'll get

Thank you very much


Ultimate Union Blog Fun Rules

Who says Rules has to Suck?
Well I don't
Sometimes when you create a great set of rules it will in fact improve the activity that you are doing. Like MMORPG for instance. MMORPG is a game consists with plenty of Rules, like PvP rules, PvE rules, Skill System Rules, and a lot more, but they're fun right?

So here we go, some set of rules guaranteed to keep things FUN:
1. Let's practice our English! (Hey c'mon guys, I know we all need practice in this department, I know I do...). So let's practice our english in posting comments and stuff, let's learn together okay!
2. Let's keep it clean, this blog is created to be enjoyed by a bunch of people with different views from all over. So let's keep all our posts clean from those nasty little words which will make yourself look bad.
3. Let's keep our cool, we're here to discuss the game which is something that we all love and enjoy, not to Viciously Attack other people with our Mouth! (okay keyboard). Let's be nice guys, you'll thank me about this one.
4. Let's be Frank, not my friend's uncle Frank! I meant, say what's on your mind people. If you like something you gotta say it, if you hate something well just be honest about it. But let's keep in mind with the above rules :). Be assertive, trust me this will help you a great deal in life.

I think those will cover it...
Oh yeah 1 more thing Please enjoy my blog :P
and don't forget to tick the reaction boxes on the bottom of each post accordingly
I'll be seeing you


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